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You know that, wearing sunglasses has become a trend. But, don’t you think life is too short to wear a boring pair of sunglasses in Bangladesh? Vision Care is Specialized in the procurement of genuine sunglasses at affordable prices.

As trendsetters in this fast-growing business field, we are dedicated to lead the way. We play a key role in fulfilling the rising demand for world class branded sunglasses in Bangladesh.

Availability of the world’s best sunglass brands

Our current product line features a wealth of new designs with a variety of colors with innovative and fashionable frames along with an ample of inspiring sparkle. Vision Care supplies an extensive collection of sunglasses in Bangladesh. That includes a number of elite brands such as Ray Ban, Oakley, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Versace from Luxotica and Boss, Carrera, Polaroid from Safilo brand that are the world’s leading manufacturers. Not forgetting to mention Tomford, Porsche Design & Mont Blanc; while providing a surfeit of budget friendly Polar sun sunglass styles to select from according to your choice.

Have you ever wondered what makes polarized sunglasses magnificent? The unique chemical layer that coats them reduces the sun’s glare. The glare created by the reflection of light from water or a solid surface is neutralized. Moreover, it restraints the UV rays and the adverse effects that they bring. Polarized sunglasses produce sharper, smoother views, increasing visual visibility and comfort.

Wearing sunglasses in Bangladesh goes beyond a mere fashion accessory, it helps to make the blinding sunshine secure in our eyes. In order to shield your eyes from intense and harmful UV rays, wearing sunglasses is incredibly necessary. Wearing sunglasses in a sunny city like Dhaka helps you to soak up the hot sun to protect your eyes without causing extreme discomfort.

The bottom line is that sunglasses make your eyes better and will assist you to be more relaxed outside no matter what purpose smears. Hence, consistently wearing a high-quality pair of sunglasses in Bangladesh is required.

Therefore, Vision Care helps you to focus on what matters, like an exclusive pair of sunglasses to braggart your bold personality adding a little glitz and glam to it.

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With our best product brands

Our Products

With our best product brands

SPR 51S 1AB-OA7 2N 54

28,000 BDT

SPR 53S 1AB-OA7 52

43,000 BDT

SPS 53N 7AX-5W1 3P 65

31,700 BDT

VO 511-SD W65613 58-18-140 3N

9,000 BDT

VO 4028-SD 50357V 58-18-140 2N

10,500 BDT

VO 4101-SI 813/14 55-21-140 2N

10,500 BDT

VO 5161-S 25355R 51-20-135 3N

12,500 BDT

VO 4080-S 848/5A 58-14-135 3N

14,500 BDT

MK 1013 (AUDRUNA I)112011 58-15-140 3N

41,500 BDT

MK 1035 (ST.LUCIA) 110813 55-17-140 2N

20,500 BDT

MK 2023 (ADRIANNA III )316311 53-21-135 3N

25,000 BDT

MK 1026 (LA JOLLA) 1002Y 59-13-135 3N

32,500 BDT

MK 5004 (CHELSEA) 10034V 59-13-135 2N

21,000 BDT

BV6124 278/18 57-18-140 2N

44,800 BDT

BV6109 2013/4Z 62-16-140 3N

44,400 BDT

BV6105-B 2014/6F 62-16-140 2N

34,800 BDT

BV6133 2014 2014/3B 55-17-140 2N

51,700 BDT

DG 4357 502/13 140

39,400 BDT

DG 2228 02/6E 62-17-140 2N

32,900 BDT

DG 2237 02/6E 54-19-140 2N

32,900 BDT

DG 2237 1298/6F 54-19-140 2N

32,900 BDT

DG 6123 3148/13 54-17-145 2N

33,200 BDT

MJ-722-02 53-1-133 (SWEET LEILANI STG-BH)

24,500 BDT

MJ 269-28A 53-16-L 135 (ANONI BEACH STG-SG

28,000 BDT

MJ-408-02 56-15-130 (SANDY BEACH)

41,300 BDT

MJ540-10 54-18-140 (MONGOOSE STG-BG )

54,000 BDT

MJ 763-26S 56-16-140 (JACARANDA STG-SG)

30,500 BDT

MJ220-10 56-17-135 (ATOLL US PATENT #6, 145 984

30,500 BDT