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Are you looking for the trendiest, stylish and genuine branded spectacles in Bangladesh? Join in with Vision Care to purchase the perfect pair of spectacles in Bangladesh. To complete the right, look for you, we match you the best frame with the latest ophthalmic lens design.

Vision care makes your purchase an enjoyable experience with the simple procedures that needed to be followed to find the appropriate spectacles and configure them to include your prescription lenses.

Vision Care brings you a massive range of spectacles in different colours, sizes and designs. If you are in search of spectacles in Bangladesh with the latest in lens technology, our professional frame styling and personal attention ensures that you will find the perfect frame from the high-class brands to suit your needs. Our very own extremely qualified opticians personally select every frame on display in order to give you the latest renowned frames, we take great care in making our choice of individual frames.

You can select the best matching frame according to your style by the world-famous brands Ray Ban, Oakley, Bvlgari, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Vogue, Versace from Luxotica collection and Carrera, Piuree Cardin, Seventh Street, Boss from Safilo brand collection. As well as a worthy collection of Tomford, Porsche Design & Mont Blanc is available. If you are in search of a budget friendly solution; we do provide a wider range from Che, Manchester and JA9 too.

It is well known that the market pioneer for corrective lenses is Essilor. Hence, we are proud to provide the world’s number one Essilor branded eye lenses to protect your precious eyesight. To optimize your vision needs, we have many different lens styles and features because we know that when it comes to your valuable eyesight, you need the best.

To solve issues in farsightedness and nearsightedness; a verity of progressive lenses are available at Vision Care that has major benefits as it helps to see clearly at varying distances and there is a steady shift in lens power while you do not have to struggle with any abrupt shifts in visibility. These varifocal lenses; also provide uninterrupted vision and correct presbyopia for all distances in a single lens.

If you are looking for solutions to protect your eyesight against dust, glare, water, smudges, scratches and UV rays, we present to you the Crizial lenses providing the clearest possible view. To help minimize eye pressure and irritation, resistant to dust, we have the Crizal Prevencia lenses to provide you a premium quality service that addresses every concern in your eye sight.

If you’re hot on the new ‘must-have’ trend trail or searching for something more time-honored and traditional chic spectacles in Bangladesh, we’re sure you’re going to find what you’re looking for here!

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With our best product brands

Our Products

With our best product brands

VPS 01H U61-101 50

22,800 BDT

VPR 16U 2AU-101 53

19,700 BDT

VPS 54IV VIX-101 55

28,500 BDT

VPR 62V SVF-101 57

32,000 BDT

VPR 13T 2AU-101 49

30,000 BDT

VPR 53U VYT-101 50

28,800 BDT

VPR 14U KUI-101

35,000 BDT

VPR 12V 1AB-101

32,000 BDT

VPR 14U KUI-101 52

35,000 BDT

VPR 05S-F 2AU-101 55

34,500 BDT

VPS 06H US1-101 52

30,000 BDT

VPR 11T KJJ-101 51

29,000 BDT

VPR 53X ZVN-101 54

32,000 BDT

VO 3845-B 896 52-16-135

20,000 BDT

VO 4099-I 934-S 53-17-145

10,000 BDT

VO 3984 548-S 53-17-145

15,500 BDT

VO 4066 5060 51-17-135

17,800 BDT

VO 5204-I W656 52-17

16,000 BDT

MK 3030 (BUONA VISTA ) 1214 54-17-140

16,500 BDT

MK 4016 (ANTUBES ) 3006 53-17-140

46,000 BDT

MK 4054 (CAPTIVA) 3336 52-20-140

38,500 BDT

MK 4057 (ANGUILLA) 3505 51-16-140

29,000 BDT

MK 4061U (OSLO) 3344 51-18-140

24,000 BDT

MK 4057 (ANGUILLA) 3005 53-16-140

30,000 BDT

BV4156-B 5427 52-18-145

62,500 BDT

BV4147 501 52-17-140

40,500 BDT

BV2190-B 2014 53-16-140

32,000 BDT

BV4153-B 5333 52-17-140

40,600 BDT

BV4171-B 5464 52-16-140

33,500 BDT

BV4135-B 501 53-17-140

34,000 BDT

BV4140-B 501 52-17-145

59,000 BDT

BV4108-B 5333 53-16-140

32,200 BDT

DG 5024 502 53-18-140

44,000 BDT

DG1295 01 5-17-145

37,000 BDT

DG 3243 502 52-17-140

29,500 BDT

DG 5025 504 53-15-140

29,000 BDT

DG 3250 501 52-18-135

22,200 BDT