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It is with immense pride that we state Vision Care commenced this great venture in 1992. Since then we are known to be Sri Lanka’s most preferred eye and hearing care company providing excellent user-friendly products with the best customer service that sustains to be in the top- notch.

One factor that has been ignored for many years is the availability of customized hearing solutions. Consequently, Vision care aims to improve this and change lives for the better in terms of hearing care in Bangladesh.

William Hazlitt once said, “The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.” Hearing is pivotal in day to day communication which is considered to be the key to success for everything. Vision Care holds accountability in hearing care as they provide the premium service with advanced technology Oticon hearing aids in Bangladesh. Vision Care is the only authorized dealer for Oticon hearing aids in Bangladesh. The availability of cost-effective hearing aids in Bangladesh is no longer limited, providing high quality sound, comfort and total discretion for those who choose to keep their hearing loss to themselves.

Oticon is a world leading hearing aid brand with award winning technological innovations such as Oticon OPN technology. Vision Care provides all the advanced technology hearing aids in Bangladesh which are tailor made for your hearing loss, personality, and profession which assists in transforming the lives of millions. Also, we provide you a wide range of hearing aids in Bangladesh with the most discreet (invisible in the canal-IIC) to behind the ear (BTE) that suits your requirement.

For today’s dynamic workplace, having the most discrete hearing solutions, such as the Invisible in the Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids is imperative. Moreover, considering todays extremely tech- savvy generation; Oticon has given a similar priority for the wireless connectivity in hearing aids. Adding a new value to hearing care in Bangladesh; Vision Care, now provides you the luxury of these advanced technology Oticon hearing aids in Bangladesh.

The audiology staff at Vision care comprises trained graduate clinical audiologists, skilled audiometric experts in hearing care Bangladesh, all of whom have the necessary skills to deliver the best hearing and after care services. We have an extensive variety of hearing aids in order to ensure the customer preference and convenience.

Hearing care in Bangladesh is crucial as 11.5 million people in the country are reportedly known to be hearing impaired or deaf. Therefore, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide solutions to address such issues as the expertise in the field. Hence, we promise that our products and service provided to you will be the best purchase you’ve ever made as we hold responsibility for your future.

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Our Products

With our best product brands