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About Vision Care

About Vision Care

Vision Care, began its journey on February 5th, 1992 in Sri Lanka. Known for its years of trusted excellence and continuous adoption of the latest technology, ‘Vision Care’ is the market leader in eye and hearing care in the country today with a comprehensive eye & hearing examinations using state-of-the-art equipment with qualified professionals through our outlets islandwide. Because of our unique approach, the eye and hearing care field have improved its service standards. Therefore, as we have made great strides in the industry, we hope to do the same for Eye and Hearing health care in Bangladesh.

Having a clear vision in mind, we take the initiative to provide a revolutionary experience to the Bangladeshi community. As we open our first and exclusive outlet in Banani, Dhaka in 2019; for the first time in Bangladesh you can enjoy genuine and branded frames/sunglases from Laxotica & Safilo and Oticon hearing aids.

Our Services

Walk in to our exclusive store and experience an unmatched care with the best quality. We, Vision Care is prepared to provide you the following eye and hearing services.

Standard Subjective Refraction Techniques.(phoropter). The goal of the subjective refraction is to achieve clear and comfortable binocular vision.

intraocular pressure (IOP) is the fluid pressure inside the eye. Tonometry is the method eye care professionals use to determine this. IOP is an important aspect in the evaluation of patients at risk of glaucoma.

Corneal thickness is important because it can mask an accurate reading of eye pressure, causing doctors to treat you for a condition that may not really exist or to treat you unnecessarily when are normal. Actual IOP may be underestimated in patients with thinner CCT, and overestimated in patients with thicker CCT.

Corneal topography is a computer assisted diagnostic tool that creates a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea. The cornea (the front window of the eye) is responsible for about 70 percent of the eye’s focusing power

Sunglasses or sun glasses (informally called shades) are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. They can sometimes also function as a visual aid, as variously termed spectacles or glasses exist.

Pure Tone Audiometry/ Tyampanometry can be done to diagnose your level of hearing and also middle ear condition.  

Complete & personalized hearing aid trial can be done according to your hearing test results and other subjective hearing requirements.

We can provide corporate eye and hearing test facility to your company/ organization with a customized package. 

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Hearing Care

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The authorized agent for Oticon hearing aids in Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, Vision Care carries a carefully curated collection of these premium quality hearing aids. Committed to enabling a large number of hearing- impaired individuals to experience sounds with unmatched clarity through Oticon hearing aids in Sri Lanka, Vision Care offers a number of different Oticon hearing aids with various options ranging from different styles, technology and more to suit the unique needs of their customers

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Address : Suvastu Suraiya Trade Center, Plot No – 57, (Ground Floor), Road No – 21, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka – 1213, Bangladesh
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Copyright © 2020 visioncare.com.bd | All rights reserved. | Powered by Vision Care Digital Media Team. | Design By Akalanka Bandara

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